Deincourt Community School : Ofsted Report

Reporting Inspector:  Declan McCarthy Description of the school:  Deincourt Community School is smaller than most secondary schools. The roll has fallen significantly since its last inspection. Most students are White British, with a few from other minority ethnic backgrounds. A very small proportion of students are learning English as an additional language. A higher than average … Read more

Primary (key stage 2) league tables

Primary league tables show the results of exams sat in year 6 when pupils are 11 years old (otherwise known as “Key Stage 2”). Our data is from exams taken in 2020. 2021 data at school level is not released until early 2021.Pupils currently sit exams in 3 broad subject areas: English, Mathematics and Science.Within … Read more

Key Indicators & Demographic Data

Education Adviser contains key demographic and other data on all schools in England. We publish data collected in 2020 – the most recent available at this time. Our data contains several figures: % eligible for free school meals and % from deprived areas are both indicators of the relative deprivation of pupils in a school. … Read more

Types of schools explained

A guide to some of the labels and terms used to describe schools on our website and in the UK: “Local Authority” is the local region within which the school is situated, and the local government responsible for that region. England consists of over 150 Local authorities, each containing many schools and institutions covering all … Read more